Sunday, January 22, 2012

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Well, this is the last thing I will ever post here.
Not there is anything particularly wrong with this one, but it is not, and never really was, mine.  It was meant to be a shared project, but never really got off the ground, and I didn't want to litter it with all of my old stuff, which meant the old stuff was trapped on MySpace, sad and lonely and unread.

So click the link above for more great random content from the brain of Bakari Kafele (and the old content, better organized and more readable)

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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Finally upgraded to my own blog

I have known I should do this for years, but I have been too lazy.

My business website's blog server has a ridiculously restrictive 4000 total character limit, which makes it practically useless.

My main content has been MySpace since July of 2006, back before Facebook even existed, when I finally gave into making an account so I could blog, thereby ending my very bad habit of reading and writing and responding to posts on CraigsList Rant 'N Rave section.

I also have content on the blog section of (who filmed and host my most well known thing on the internet, the video about living in an RV in order to save both money and natural resources:

And I have been sharing a blog with my friend Beth who now lives in Taiwan, though neither of us has been very active on it.

Having been inspired by a request for a used bike buying guide and having no good place to post it, I have finally started my own blogger account.